Advanced Family Law Seminar this week, 8/7-12, 2017

Need a Family Law attorney this week? Our State Bar of Texas Family Law Section has it s annual Continuing Legal Education seminar/convention each August in San Antonio. Many family law attorneys and judges attend, but not all. Some attend the Video replays the following months in different locations. I am going to attend the Video Replay of the same seminar next month for 3 days, but we are OPEN this week. If you are needing a Family Law attorney for [ ] The post Advanced Family Law Seminar this week, 8/7-12, 2017 appeared first on Law Office of Jon R. Boyd..


Complexities of the Law and Foster Care System in Texas: Marijuana and Parenting

You may recall the heartbreaking story last year of a little girl who was placed in DHS custody because her father smoked marijuana after she had gone to bed. He didn’t do it daily, yet he and his wife lost custody, and as a result, their 2-year-old daughter was placed in the Texas foster care system and murdered. The foster mother who’d killed the little girl was sentenced to life in prison and is now in a Texas cell awaiting her fate. But what happens if a similar scenario plays out in the future? What does the recent partial medical legalization of marijuana mean for Texas parents? Last month, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed into law a very narrowed use for marijuana. Cannabis-based oils with low levels of THC are now legally available for those with epilepsy. Legalization supporters say the law is moot: no one can actually get this specific kind of oil. State Senator Kevin Eltife announced the plan to legalize CBD oil in January and was careful to emphasize that patients w