LATEST CASE IMPORTANT RESULT, PLEASE READ   Issue: Residence restriction/ Move-Back request! Facts: H and W divorced in Tarrant County in 2013. W awarded custody of the two small boys, residence restricted to Tarrant and Dallas Counties. However, the Decree ALSO contained the standard paragraph stating that the residence restriction is removed and lifted if the Non Custodial parent moves out of the restricted area (!). H, not expecting W to be moving, relocated to an area outside the restricted area. [ ] The post IMPORTANT CASE RESULT RE: RELOCATION/MOVE BACK REQUESTS appeared first on Law Office of Jon R. Boyd..


Two More Important, NEW Additions to the Texas Family Code

As I posted in a blog earlier this week, this year we had another bi-annual legislative session in which new bills were introduced to become law. Some passed, many others did not. Two NEW changes to the Texas Family Code effective this September 1st you will need to know: 1. Now, if you file a Petition to Modify and request Temporary Orders to change primary custody, not only must you plead that failure to change custody will cause significant impairment to the child, you must now ALSO attach a sworn affidavit setting out facts which constitute significant impairment in order to get a temporary hearing set on the docket. Until now, you needed only allege in your petition, signed by your attorney, that there would be significant impairment. This is an important procedural change. 2.  A court may no longer prohibit a spouse from executing a new Will or an amendment (called a Codicil ) to an existing Will, or from revoking a prior Will. This prohibition has been used in many counties