Advanced Family Law Seminar this week, 8/7-12, 2017

Need a Family Law attorney this week? Our State Bar of Texas Family Law Section has it s annual Continuing Legal Education seminar/convention each August in San Antonio. Many family law attorneys and judges attend, but not all. Some attend the Video replays the following months in different locations. I am going to attend the Video Replay of the same seminar next month for 3 days, but we are OPEN this week. If you are needing a Family Law attorney for [ ] The post Advanced Family Law Seminar this week, 8/7-12, 2017 appeared first on Law Office of Jon R. Boyd..


Two More Important, NEW Additions to the Texas Family Code

As I posted in a blog earlier this week, this year we had another bi-annual legislative session in which new bills were introduced to become law. Some passed, many others did not. Two NEW changes to the Texas Family Code effective this September 1st you will need to know: 1. Now, if you file a Petition to Modify and request Temporary Orders to change primary custody, not only must you plead that failure to change custody will cause significant impairment to the child, you must now ALSO attach a sworn affidavit setting out facts which constitute significant impairment in order to get a temporary hearing set on the docket. Until now, you needed only allege in your petition, signed by your attorney, that there would be significant impairment. This is an important procedural change. 2.  A court may no longer prohibit a spouse from executing a new Will or an amendment (called a Codicil ) to an existing Will, or from revoking a prior Will. This prohibition has been used in many counties

Legislative Update – CHANGES TO TEXAS FAMILY CODE beginning Sept 1, 2015

I have gone to the Legislative Update seminar recently to learn of the various changes and updates to the Texas Family Code resulting from this recent Legislative session. There actually were very few changes this session. The most notable are: 1. DENTAL INSURANCE and dental expenses are now going to be MANDATORY, in addition to Health Insurance and health care expenses in general. 2. In child custody cases, for many years the courts have ordered social studies , often through the County s own in house agency. Occasionally, the Court would order a Psychological Evaluation . Now, all of those are lumped together and called a Child Custody Evaluation and the rules and qualifications are more detailed and standardized than before. See me for details. The post Legislative Update CHANGES TO TEXAS FAMILY CODE beginning Sept 1, 2015 appeared first on Law Office of Jon R. Boyd, P.C..