Can My Divorce Lawyer Get Me Alimony?

Going through a divorce can be mentally and emotionally exhausting. A divorce can also real havoc on the finances of either, or both, parties. It is not unusual for there to be a significant disparity in income between spouses while married; however, the disparity in income is not typically important because the couple becomes one unit and, therefore, all income is shared and treated as “family” income. The thought of divorce, however, raises the very real fear that the disparity [ ] The post Can My Divorce Lawyer Get Me Alimony? appeared first on Law Office of Jon R. Boyd..


Should I Sign a Pre-Nuptial Agreement?

When most of us imagine discussing marriage with “the one,” signing legal documents is not part of the picture. Whether the idea of signing a pre-nuptial agreement was your idea, or your beloved brought up the subject, broaching the subject of entering into a pre-nuptial agreement can be stressful. In fact, there was a time when the mere mention of a pre-marital agreement would send future brides (and grooms) running the other direction.  Societal changes along with a dramatic increase [ ] The post Should I Sign a Pre-Nuptial Agreement? appeared first on Law Office of Jon R. Boyd..

Does My Spouse Have to Agree to a Divorce?

You may have experienced this yourself, heard a friend go through it, or even watched it on a soap opera – the spouse who refuses to agree to a divorce. Sometimes, the refusal is truly based on a belief that the marriage can be saved. More often than not, however, the words “I won’t give you a divorce” are uttered more out of spite or anger than out of love and commitment. If you are the spouse who is “asking” [ ] The post Does My Spouse Have to Agree to a Divorce? appeared first on Law Office of Jon R. Boyd..

Top Ten Things NOT TO DO In Your Case (Or “How to Lose A Winnable Case”)

Top Ten Things NOT To Do in your case: 1. Listen to your cousin about what he or she did in their divorce and compare it to your own case 2. Fail to read and comply with the Standing Orders issued by the County you are in 3. Curse, insult, demean and insult your spouse. In writing. Often. 4. Represent yourself (unless you just want to lose so you can blame everyone else) 5. Rely on the Web for your legal [ ] The post Top Ten Things NOT TO DO In Your Case (Or How to Lose A Winnable Case ) appeared first on Law Office of Jon R. Boyd..

Happy July 4th Holiday from BoydFamilyLaw

Tomorrow is Independence Day! I know many of you are off work or on vacation today and tomorrow. We at BoydFamilyLaw wish you safe travels, lots of fun and a happy holiday. Remember our freedoms and be grateful! Thanks to the members of our military and law enforcement for preserving our freedom and keeping us safe. -Jon Boyd The post Happy July 4th Holiday from BoydFamilyLaw appeared first on Law Office of Jon R. Boyd..

New Consultation Fee!

Effective July 1, 2017, we are pleased to announce that we now are charging a flat fee of $150 for a consultation, payable at the time you schedule your appointment. This is a change from the old two tiered system of $175 for a half hour and $350 for a full hour. Now, it s just $150 for up to one hour. Call me or come see me if you have a family law issue.  It will be time and money [ ] The post New Consultation Fee! appeared first on Law Office of Jon R. Boyd..

Plano Child Custody Attorney: Top 5 Questions Answered

Going through a divorce is rarely easy. Along with the emotional upheaval you feel as a result of the end of your marriage, you must also face the practical and legal consequences of the decision to end the marriage. When minor children are involved, the already difficult process of divorce can become downright traumatic, particularly if the issue of custody of the minor children is contested. Because every divorce involves a unique set of facts and circumstances, it is in [ ] The post Plano Child Custody Attorney: Top 5 Questions Answered appeared first on Law Office of Jon R. Boyd..