Plano Father’s Rights Lawyer — My Ex Won’t Let Me See the Kids

The process of divorce has an impact on everyone involved, including the minor children. Unfortunately, the impact of a divorce doesn’t always end when the divorce is finalized. On the contrary, the impact of a divorce often continues to be felt years after the actual divorce. Issues relating to the minor children are often the cause of continued disagreements between the couple post-divorce. What can you do, for example, if you are a divorced father and your ex won’t let [ ] The post Plano Father s Rights Lawyer My Ex Won t Let Me See the Kids appeared first on Law Office of Jon R. Boyd..


McKinney Child Custody Attorney Explains Conservatorship

Realizing that a marriage is headed for divorce is never easy, particularly when there are minor children involved. In fact, parents frequently stay together far longer than they would otherwise because they are concerned about the impact a divorce will have on the children. Ironically, those same parents sometimes turn right around and wage an all-out war for conservatorship (custody) of the children, turning what could be an amicable divorce into a contentious battlefield. If you believe your marriage is [ ] The post McKinney Child Custody Attorney Explains Conservatorship appeared first on Law Office of Jon R. Boyd..

McKinney Divorce Lawyer — Preparing for Divorce

If you are contemplating the end of your marriage, you are undoubtedly going through an extremely difficult time. For most people, the decision to end a marriage does not come easily nor without a prolonged period of consideration. If you do ultimately decide that your marriage cannot be saved, however, the next step is to start preparing for divorce. Although it may be painful, it is in your best interest to take steps that will protect you and your interests [ ] The post McKinney Divorce Lawyer Preparing for Divorce appeared first on Law Office of Jon R. Boyd..

McKinney Father’s’ Rights Attorney– Preparing for A Custody Battle

Going through a divorce is rarely easy nor simple. Whether you have been married for 30 years or 30 months, the decision to end a marriage should not be made without careful consideration. Once that decision has been made, however, the often painful process of defining the terms of the divorce must begin. Ideally, the parties to a divorce are able to negotiate a Marital Settlement Agreement that covers all of those terms without the need for litigation. Unfortunately, however, [ ] The post McKinney Father s Rights Attorney Preparing for A Custody Battle appeared first on Law Office of Jon R. Boyd..