Do I Need a Texas Divorce Lawyer If I Want to Move Out of State with the Kids?

When the parents of minor children decide to end their marriage in the State of Texas a number of important issues are addressed during the ensuing divorce process. Among those issues are things such as custody and visitation (referred to as “conservatorship” and “possession and access” in  Texas), child support, and which parent will be responsibility for health insurance and covering out of pocket medical expenses. While the terms of a divorce decree certainly provide a roadmap to help the parents continue to co-parent the children immediately following the divorce, circumstances can change in the years that follow. A well written decree will make an effort to anticipate the possibility of a change in circumstances; however, sometimes circumstances change dramatically enough that the terms of the divorce decree are insufficient to address the situation. If, for example, you have primary possession of your children and you now wish to move out of state you are likely wonderi


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