Do I Need a Divorce Attorney If We Agree on Everything?

Whether you made the decision to seek a divorce, or the decision was made by your spouse, you are not likely looking forward to the divorce process that you must go through in order to legally end your marriage. You have undoubtedly watched friends or family members go through bitter, contentious divorces and are hoping to avoid that fate yourself. With that in mind, you and your spouse have discussed the issues involved in your divorce and you believe you have reached an agreement that covers all of those issues. Now you are wondering if you need a divorce attorney given the fact that you and your spouse apparently agree on everything. There is no legal requirement that you retain the services of a Texas divorce attorney for any divorce; however, there are several important reasons why you should work with an attorney even if you believe that you and your spouse have already settled all the issues in your divorce. Why Hire an Attorney If You and Your Spouse Agree? If you and your spo


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