Do I Need a Child Custody Attorney to Modify My Parenting Plan?

When the parents of a minor child do not live together, either as a result of divorce or because they were never married to begin with, a Parenting Plan is typically required to be submitted and approved by a court to ensure that the child has continuing contact with both parents, among other purposes. Once a Parenting Plan is in place, the terms of the plan become orders of the court, meaning both parents are legally bound by the terms unless and until a court changes them. Circumstances, however, can change after a Parenting Plan is entered. The change in circumstances may warrant a change to the Parenting Plan. If you find that a change needs to be made to your Parenting Plan you may be wondering if you need a child custody attorney to modify the Parenting Plan. While the law does not require you to hire an attorney to help you modify your Parenting Plan, there are a number of reasons why having an attorney on your side is a wise decision. What Is In a Parenting Plan? A Parenting P


Do I Need a Divorce Attorney If We Agree on Everything?

Whether you made the decision to seek a divorce, or the decision was made by your spouse, you are not likely looking forward to the divorce process that you must go through in order to legally end your marriage. You have undoubtedly watched friends or family members go through bitter, contentious divorces and are hoping to avoid that fate yourself. With that in mind, you and your spouse have discussed the issues involved in your divorce and you believe you have reached an agreement that covers all of those issues. Now you are wondering if you need a divorce attorney given the fact that you and your spouse apparently agree on everything. There is no legal requirement that you retain the services of a Texas divorce attorney for any divorce; however, there are several important reasons why you should work with an attorney even if you believe that you and your spouse have already settled all the issues in your divorce. Why Hire an Attorney If You and Your Spouse Agree? If you and your spo