How Long Will a Divorce Take in Texas?

For most couples, the decision to end a marriage is only made after considerable thought and contemplation. Though it is often heart-wrenching to make the decision to end a marriage, once the decision has been made you will likely want to get the process over with as soon as possible, leading to the obvious question, “How long does the divorce process take in Texas?” Because each divorce includes a unique set of facts, circumstances, and contested issues it is impossible to provide a universally applicable answer to that question; however, a better understanding of the factors that will impact how long the divorce process takes in Texas may give you a better idea how long your divorce is likely to take. · Notice – once you have initiated the divorce process by filing a Petition for Divorce you must serve your spouse with the Petition and a Summons which collectively serve to put your spouse on notice that the divorce has been filed. If you cannot locate your spouse, or he/she l


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