Overstepping Legal and Judicial Boundaries

By now, most of us have heard of the outrageous decisions ordered from a Michigan judge who sent three children to juvenile detention. Their “crime”? Refusing to have lunch with their father. As a father’s rights advocate, this case raises many red flags, even for those of us who seek to ensure children are afforded a relationship with their father. Here’s how the case unfolded. Michigan Circuit Judge Lisa Gorcyca found herself in a standoff with a 15-year-old boy who said he did not wish to spend any time with his father because he’d witnessed him hit his mother. The judge was unhappy with his defiance and demanded the boy to “have a healthy relationship with your father.” The judge then said she believes the mother was indeed turning the children against their father. She held the 15 year-old-boy in contempt and accused him and his two younger siblings of being like cult leader Charles Manson. This is not what any attorney wants for his client and their children, wheth


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