Texas FTAS: the Pathway for Educational Success

One of the biggest challenges in some custodial cases is which schools students will attend and which parent will ensure their children are not only enrolled, but attend with no red flags, such as a high number of truancies. Texas just passed a law addressing Failure to Attend School (FTAS), also known as truancy. Governor Greg Abbott said that FTAS will no longer be a criminal offense in Texas. The law, House Bill 2398, passed in late June as part of a “comprehensive reform” effort. It goes into effect on September 1. In an interview with Breitbart Texas, Governor Abbott said, “Criminalizing unauthorized absences at school unnecessarily jeopardizes the futures of our students. The process of elevating our state’s education system to be number one in the nation begins in the classroom, and I signed House Bill 2398 to ensure Texas educators have the tools necessary to prevent truancy, encourage classroom attendance and focus on educating our children to ultimately set our stud


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