New Legislation Could Mean New Custody Laws for Fathers

In at least 20 states, there are bills making their way through the legislative process that would change the laws surrounding child custody and visitation rights. There are some groups, however, that disagree with these efforts , saying they would give leverage to “abusive men.” Others say that the cases that make it into court in the first place will be those in which Mom and Dad can’t get along anyway, and by changing the laws like this, sparring parents will have even more opportunities to play out their personal battles with one another. But one look at the statistics shows why changes are long overdue. In 2012, we had $11 billion past due in child support payments in Texas alone. Nearly 1 million Texans have child support orders, and half of Dallas County parents pay child support. In Texas, 10 percent of mothers are non-custodial parents; that number could be on the rise. For some, past due child support equates to no visitation for the non-custodial parent. While remai


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