The Uniform Parentage Act

Texas was the first state to put into place the Uniform Parentage Act. The year was 2002 and this act sought to provide clarity for parents in Texas in matters such as paternity and child support. Keep reading to learn more about your parental rights in Texas. Establishing Paternity in Texas In our state, there are three ways to establish paternity: Presumption A man is presumed to be the father if he is married to the mother at the time the child is born or if the baby is born during the first 300 days after a marriage is terminated. If the father resides with the child for the first two years of the child’s life or if presents a father/child relationship to others, he may be presumed to be the father. But what happens if the father believes the child may not be his? He may file a denial of paternity and if there are suspicions that another man is the father, he can include an acknowledgment of paternity. A court may also rebut the presumption of paternity if it determines he is no


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